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Murder charges in deaths of 12

Three decades of investigative efforts, led by investigators from Project E PANA and the Provincial Unsolved Homicide Unit have resulted in homicide charges being laid in two BC homicide cases from the 1970s.

On September 24, 1975, 11 year old Kathryn Mary Herbert was heading to her Abbotsford home when she disappeared. Her mother reported her missing and tragically 2 months later her remains were located near Harris Road in an undeveloped area. The investigation into her death underwent extensive reviews by various police agencies over the years. In October 2005 investigators from the Provincial Unsolved Homicide Unit assumed conduct of the case.

The murder of 11 year old Kathryn Mary Herbert was heinous and horrific. It devastated a family and deeply impacted a community. The investigation into the murder spanned years and required a concerted effort by law enforcement to gather the necessary evidence wholesale nhl jerseys to bring charges against a suspect. The journey to arrive at this point, however, was not just the product of a continued effort by police; it was also the result of the tenacity, persistence and love demonstrated by her mother, Shari Greer, says Deputy Chief Rick Lucy of the Abbotsford Police Department.

On May 6, 1978, 12 year old Monica Jack was riding her bike along north on Highway 5A just south of Quilchena near the Nicola Ranch in Merritt, BC. While her bike cheap jerseys outlet was discovered a day later, it would be another 17 years before her wholesale nhl jerseys china remains were located on June 2, 1995, in a rural area north of Merritt about six kilometres from Highway 5A. Investigative efforts moved forward and in 2007 her murder was added cheap jerseys to the Project E PANA investigation.

Both Monica and Kathryn were young, vibrant and happy girls last seen travelling on roads not far from their homes. Both children also had incredibly strong mothers Madeline Lanaro and Shari Greer who have been amazing advocates for their daughters, says Chief Superintendent Jim Gresham head of the BC RCMP Major Crime Section. Ensuring they had the answers they so rightly deserved was a powerful force that guided us over these many years. While these investigations were led by two different investigative and integrated teams, information has been constantly shared and efforts combined when the same suspect was identified in the two cases.

The totality of three decades of investigative efforts has result in 2 murder charges against 67 year old Garry Taylor HANDLEN of Ontario. Based on the Criminal Code that was in place at the time of the offences HANDLEN is facing one count of First DEGREE MURDER in connection with the death of Monica JACK and one count of First DEGREE MURDER in connection with the death of Kathryn Mary HERBERT.

The road to today announcement has been long, says Supt. Ward Lymburner Officer in charge of Special Projects Unit. In Monica investigation alone, once it was transferred to the E PANA team, police reviewed over 500 investigative tasks and then initiated another 241 tasks including re interviewing individuals and exploring new forensic analysis options. Our efforts to bring the girls alleged killer to justice have been extensive and exhaustive.

HANDLEN was arrested without incident in Surrey on November 28, 2014. He will remain in custody and is scheduled to appear in Abbotsford Provincial Court on Monday Dec 8, 2014.

In order to further our investigative efforts, police are taking the step of releasing of photo of HANDLEN around the time of alleged offense. Police are issuing a plea to the public that if anyone has any information about Garry Taylor Handlen, or the disappearances of Monica JACK and Kathryn Mary HERBERT, please call the TipLine at 1 877 543 4822. Jim Gresham, Officer in Charge of BC RCMP Major Crime Section

Thank you. I Chief Superintendent Jim Gresham the Officer in Charge of the BC RCMP Major Crime Section.

We are here today to announce that charges have been laid in two significant homicide investigations one investigation is part of Project E PANA and another has been led by the Provincial Unsolved Homicide Unit. Both are part of wholesale jerseys china the Special Projects Unit of BC RCMP Major Crime Section that I oversee.

The disappearance and murders of 12 year old Monica JACK and 11 year old Kathryn Mary HERBERT have been two priority homicide investigations occurring 36 and 39 years ago respectively. They both involved two young vibrant and happy girls last seen not far from their homes. Both involved lengthy and extensive investigations. And both involved two incredibly strong mothers who have been amazing advocates for their daughters during a three decade long search for answers. Both mothers are here today and will be issuing statements.

Madeline and Shari I want to publicly express our condolences to both of you and your families for your tragic losses. Ensuring you had the answers you so rightly deserve was a powerful force that guided us over these many years. We remain committed to you and your daughters. We also appreciate your patience as we balanced the important task of keeping you informed with protecting the integrity of the on going investigation.

I also wanted to acknowledge Crown who has been an integral partner in our efforts over the years and most recently as we worked towards charge approval.

Supt. Ward Lymburner will go over the investigations and what led us to the announcement of charges today.

Both investigations are examples of: integration of policing resources; multiple investigative reviews; and access to a variety of support services and personnel.

Part 2

As Supt. Lymburner has mentioned, though charges have been laid our work is not done. This is why we are issuing a public plea for assistance and for additional information. In order to further our investigative efforts we are taking the step of releasing a photo of Garry Taylor HANDLEN around the time of the alleged offenses. wholesale jerseys We are hoping in doing so it may refresh someone memory. If you have any information with respect to Garry Taylor HANDLEN or the disappearance and murders of Monica JACK and Kathryn Mary HERBERT we are asking you to please call our Tipline at 1 877 543 4822. We are also asking for the media help in ensuring that photo and wholesale cheap nfl jerseys the Tipline are shared with the public.

Statement by Supt. Ward Lymburner, Officer in Charge of Special Projects Unit

Thanks. I Supt. Ward Lymburner and I am the Officer in Charge of the Special Projects Unit which includes wholesale jerseys the Unsolved Homicide Unit and Project E PANA.

I can confirm charges have been laid in the homicide investigations of Monica JACK and Kathryn Mary HERBERT cases which began in the 1970s.

Monica Rose JACK was 13 days shy of her 13th birthday. On May 6, 1978, at about 7:30 pm she was last seen riding her bicycle alone north on Highway 5A just south of Quilchena near the Nicola Ranch in Merritt, BC. When she didn arrive home, her mother Madeline reported her daughter missing to the Merritt RCMP. On May 7th at about 4:00 pm RCMP officers discovered Monica bike down an embankment between Highway 5A and Nicola Lake, about a mile south of where she lived but Monica was not located. Intensive search and investigative efforts failed to find Monica.

17 years later on June 2, 1995, in a rural area north of Merritt about six kilometres from Highway 5A Monica remains cheap jerseys were found after a fire had gone through the area. This discovery allowed investigators to advance wholesale nhl jerseys china their efforts. Later, when an extensive file review of cases was conducted it was determined in 2007 that because of the victim profile and because she was last seen traveling along a highway, she would be added to the Project E PANA investigation. This move allowed for a new group of investigators to review over 500 investigative tasks and then initiate another 241 tasks which included re interviewing individuals and exploring new forensic analysis options. That brings us to the disappearance and murder of Kathryn Mary Herbert. On September 24, 1975, her mother Shari reported her 11 year old daughter missing to the then Matsqui Police Department. The investigation determined that Kathryn Mary left a friend house in Abbotsford around 8:30 pm. While walking home, she met another friend who doubled her on his bicycle part way home until they parted company near the intersection of Townline and Marshall Roads in Abbotsford, where she was never seen again.

Two months later, on November 17, 1975, Kathyrn Mary remains were located near Harris Road, in an undeveloped area of the Matsqui First Nations Reserve, by two residents. An autopsy later confirmed her death was the result of a homicide.Articles Connexes:

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